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There aren’t too many parents who would be pleased when their daughter winds up in a sticky situation.
But Heather and Dean Davison couldn’t be happier that their 11-year-old daughter, Cami, has found a worthwhile hobby she can really stick to — making all kinds of items from duct tape, then selling them for a good cause.
That’s right. The Jonesborough girl has turned one of her favorite pastimes into a philanthropic effort.
Her completed projects — notebooks and magnets — are sold to raise money for a Bible quiz mission team in Belize.
Cami, along with her parents, her brother, Carter, and sister, Cayden, made the connection with the Belize Bible quiz team through family friends, Chris Carter and his wife, Jordan, who are now missionaries in the country.
“It was through them we learned that the quiz team comes to the United States,” Heather Davison said.
“They came to the states last year and this year they came to do Bible quiz at my school,” Cami, a student at Providence Academy, said.
The Davisons, along with several others from Jonesborough’s Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Sinking Creek Baptist Church, of Elizabethton, visited the country on a mission trip two years ago and decided to try to help. Cami’s penchant for making and selling the duct tape items was perfect as a fundraiser, she said.
“It’s just great to do this because the money goes to a good cause and it’s fun,” she added.
Making things from duct tape seems to be a trend with a lot of young girls right now, Heather Davison said. “I’d say that the people who came up with that stuff are pretty happy right now. It’s a big craze,” she said. “When a bunch of girls get together for a sleepover, everybody brings the duct tape and they make all kinds of things.”
A visit to the duct tape section of a local store isn’t what it used to be. There’s still the original gray variety as well as utilitarian black. But those options are upstaged by the plethora of tape featuring unique patterns in vivid colors. There’s something for everyone ­— from team or college logos and Hello Kitty patterns to bright florals and animal prints.
Cami, a rising sixth-grader, got the idea to create her own original duct tape products from her friends.
“They were all making duct tape stuff so I just started with them.”
She completed her first projects in April. Her favorite items to make are small notebooks and refrigerator magnets, items her uncle — a pharmaceutical representative — gladly donates to be used as the bases of her creations.
She wraps each piece over and over with the tape, trims the edges and then adds ribbons, handcrafted designs or other embellishments.
Once Cami’s projects are completed, she sells them for $2 each.
So far, she has raised a little over $200 for the Belize missionaries.
Both the notebooks and the magnets are selling well among friends and family and at public events like the recent Town Wide Yard Sale in Jonesborough. Cami said she will even take special orders.
“Anyone who wants anything can just call my mom and I can make their stuff,” she said. “People can pick the colors they want and I can put designs on them. It makes them look cooler.”
Cami, also an avid soccer and basketball player, stays busy with plenty of activities. But her mother is proud of Cami for also taking the time to do for others.
“We will be sending the money to Belize this summer with some close friends to be sure it gets to the right people,” she added. “It’s a great project. Instead of going to soccer practice twice a week, these kids in Belize go to Bible scripture classes. It’s really wonderful.”
For more information on how you can help with the project, call Heather Davison at 833-6371.