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Start a different kind of hobby today

About 12 years ago, I sat with a good friend and business partner, Carole Anne Huebner. Besides being a very well-versed storyteller, she was always looking for ways to help people. She would say if we lighten just one person’s load in life and they do it for another, it just might make for a better world.
I can’t remember if it was on TV or the radio, but someone asked about what kind of hobby they should take up, and the answer was, “Do something for someone each and every day.”
The more we talked about this idea, the more intriguing it became. Most hobbies are expensive and time consuming, but this one doesn’t need to cost anything other than our time. One doesn’t need to be in great physical shape, you don’t need oodles of “stuff,” it does not need to dent your wallet and you don’t necessarily need to devote a lot to time to it, and traveling to distant places isn’t required.
We thought this hobby sounded flawless.
The best part is you don’t have to find a spare room or space in your home to accommodate this hobby. This hobby is mobile. You can do it at home, at the office or anywhere you are.
The weather doesn’t have any effect, either. This hobby is becoming more and more appealing don’t you think?
A thought came to us — if we could get everyone who reads Positive Points to join us in adopting this hobby, what a change we can make.
It is like throwing a pebble into a pond…notice how the ripples increase, first one, then two and on and on.
The more people you tell who get involved, the more ripples we can create. This is our chance to brighten the world for one person and by doing so, we might be brightening the world for every other person that one person encounters.
It is really rather exciting to think about. What can I do for someone today that will make them see the brighter side of life? It can be something as simple as picking flowers from your garden to share with someone or checking on a neighbor who is homebound.
Write a note to someone who has made a difference in your life.
I think you get the picture. Anything you can think of doing for someone else, no matter how small or grand, will enrich the life of those we select as our “hobby of the day.”
Sure hope you will join us — it’s a positive hobby to have.