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Sol Driven Train last act for 2015 MOTS

It would not be Music on the Square without a final performance by one special band.
Sol Driven Train closes out the MOTS season with their new lineup, new tunes, and a new date!
Sol Driven Train’s music weaves through genres with a playful sonic schizophrenia, Afrocaribbean rhythmic explorations, and funky New Orleans-style brass that transforms into earnest songs of life, love, loss, and long johns.
The versatile 6-piece band, based in Charleston, South Carolina, features rotating lead vocalists, and multi-instrumental talent spread across horns, strings, and percussion. Combining rich varieties of American pop and folk music into their own brass-kickin’ roots rock sound, Sol Driven Train has carved out a unique musical identity within the Jam and Americana music scene.
Sol Driven Train’s sound has also helped shape their hometown’s musical identity for more than a decade. It’s soulful and rich like Charleston’s food, approachable like its people, rooted in history like its architecture, and as diverse as you’d expect from a city that, for instance, has a Prius-driving Democrat for a mayor in one of the country’s reddest states.
Sol Driven Train will perform at the MOTS concert series on Friday, Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. in downtown Jonesborough. The concert series runs every Friday night through September.
For more information, call 753-1010 or visit