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Mauk’s to host next cash mob

With 100 years under its belt, Mauk’s of Jonesborough thrives as the oldest continuing business in the oldest town in Tennessee.
The friendly staff and welcoming smiles are just a couple things that this downtown staple has become known for.
Store owners Joel and Jean Conger purchased the business in 2005 from their close friend, David Mauk.
“I had been employed as what is known as a road warrior, or a traveling salesman, for almost 28 years,” Joel said. “I was just ready to settle and Jonesborough had been my home since I was 2 years old.”
After both parties decided they were ready for the change, the Congers quickly began to remodel the business from top to bottom, inside and out.
Mauk’s even won a historic preservation award for their efforts a few short months after the renovations were complete in 2009.
“I used to pick up my newspapers as a young boy right in front of this shop. It was a taxi pickup, pharmacy, furniture store and even had a soda fountain,” Joel said. “We care a lot about the historic aspect and importance of what this building means to Jonesborough, and knew it would be a great thing.”
Since the renovations, the Congers have expanded their gift lines to include popular items such as Vera Bradley, Buyer’s Choice Carolers, Kitchen Kreations foods, Willow Tree and a wide variety of items for all ages ranging from home décor, children’s gifts and knick knacks.
The Ekornes Stressless Chairs have been an item in the store since 1991 and continue to be Mauks’ best seller, offering lumbar support with stylish options in a variety of sizes known for being the “Most Comfortable Chair in the World.”
And if sitting back in a custom Stressless chair isn’t enough to keep you coming back to Mauk’s, the employees will make sure to treat you as family, whether it is your first time in the store or you are a regular customer.
“We just like people and are here to help,” Joel said. “We have a great time and I think that shows in our work.”
Joel’s sister, Mary Ann Clark, along with friends Sue Russell, Tamara Foster, Barbara Smith and Pat Boshears have all assisted at Mauk’s and are what Joel claims to be “the backbone of the operation.”
Mauk’s has been selected to host the next cash mob in the town’s ongoing We Dig Jonesborough campaign.
The cash mob, which invites people to spend $20 at the designated store in order on Saturday, Sept. 1, starting at 11 a.m., is intended to help support local businesses while providing a social experience for those who take part.
Mauk’s is located at 101 W. Main St.
For more information about the business and the stories behind the merchandise, visit, call753-4648 or email [email protected]