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Losing means winning at Town Hall

The Town of Jonesborough lost an employee last month, and fellow staffers couldn’t be happier about it.
“We lost 148 pounds,” said Donna Freeman, administrative assistant for the town. “It really is like losing a whole employee.”
For 99 days, 15 town employees competed with each other to see who could be the most healthful of the bunch.
“It involved things like seeing your physician, getting your vision checked, going to the dentist, taking preventative steps,” explained Terri Hurt, town nurse. “They got points for making sure these things were done and for drinking water, getting exercise, staying away from fast food and things like that.”
Town Operations Manager Craig Ford earned the crown for the men’s team, losing 31 pounds and picking up the nickname “Jenny Craig” along the way.
“I was just thrilled to learn you could be a winner for being a big loser,” Ford quipped while being recognized at the June 11 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Freeman was named the winner for the women’s team, losing 30 pounds during the competition.
“I can tell you for a fact,” said Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe, “I saw Donna walking up and down the streets every day on her lunch break.”
While the weight loss event sparked friendly competition, its purpose was far greater.
It is because of programs like this one, Wolfe said, that the town is able to keep its health insurance premiums at a minimum.
The weight loss competition took place from Feb. 15 through May 23.