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Local author pens fourth book

Washington County native Scott Pratt recently released his fourth novel in a series focusing on a defense attorney named Joe Dillard.
The former Washington County attorney has based much of the Dillard character on his own experiences.
In the most recent installment, “Reasonable Fear,” Dillard is searching for answers to a triple murder when he is confronted with many of the same moral and ethical challenges that have come to characterize the Dillard series.
In “Reasonable Fear,” Dillard, who is now a district attorney, becomes deeply and emotionally involved in the case and finds himself trapped in a life or death situation.
He finally becomes faced with the ultimate questions: When is it reasonable to kill? Can killing ever be justified?
In this novel, Pratt aims to continue examining the fine line between what is right, what is wrong and what is legal.
Trapped between emotional emergencies and legal quandaries, Dillard must act, and act in a way that may not be “reasonable” to the powers that be.
Pratt seeks to illustrate that when danger to a man’s family and home is involved, the rules can change.
“Reasonable Fear” is available online at and other channels.
Pratt is also the author of “An Innocent Client,” “In Good Faith” and “Injustice for All.”
He received a Macavity Award nomination for “An Innocent Client.”
Pratt continues to live in Washington County with his wife and four dogs.