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Jonesborough Area Ministerial Association host unity service at David Crockett


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Nearly 400 worshippers gathered at David Crockett High School Sunday to launch Jonesborough’s first community-wide service – a special celebration designed not only to bring various churchs together but also to kick off the community’s annual weeklong revival.

“This shows unity,” said Joseph Wallace, a member of Telford United Methodist Church, who was among the audience.

A parishioner takes part in the service that was held on Sunday, May 1 at David Crockett High School.
A parishioner takes part in the service that was held on Sunday, May 1 at David Crockett High School.

“After all, the main thing is Jesus,” he added. And that appeared to be why everyone was there.

Eight churches were involved in putting on the service, including Bethel Christian Church, First Baptist Church, Jackson Park Church of the Brethren, Central Christian Church, Jonesborough Presbyterian Church, Jonesborough United Methodist Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and Telford United Methodist Church.

Held in the high school’s gymnasium, the service began at 11 a.m. – like many traditional services – with  prayer and then music.

Bob Roberson, pastor at Central Christian Church, shared a  message from Luke, and it was one of lost sheep and a loving God, a prodigal son and a joyful reunion.

“There are a lot of good people in the world who have put themselves where they shouldn’t be,” Roberson said. And “we like to point fingers.”

But the Father, Roberson stressed to the audience, never does that. Instead, he said, “God runs to us. He runs to you because he wants you back.”

“He doesn’t judge you for your past. He wants your future.”

Roberson’s message was just the beginning, helping to launch the five-day community revival coordinated by Jonesborough Area Minsterial Association. Nightly worship opportunities would be available throughout week, with the final two events set for  Telford United Methodist Church at 7 p.m. on May 4 and a National Day of Prayer even in front of the Jonesborought courthouse on Thursday, May 5, at noon.