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Gettin’ Knottin’ for Christmas

The Knotty Ladies
struck the town
again with their snow-belisk yarn bombing, bringing a gift of whimsy and delight for the community to enjoy during the holiday season.
Deb Burger, a member of The Knotty Ladies, said there are seven core ladies who gather every Wednesday afternoon at the General Store, to eat lunch, knit and crochet together. Several of the women are involved in animal fiber production, which all the women help process as well.
Burger said they are all tied as one, due to their love of playing with yarn.
In October, The Knotty Ladies held a Fiber Arts Retreat in Jonesborough, which this year attracted 35 women from five states that spent the weekend together.
This is when the idea struck for their first yarn bombing on the town.
“The first yarn bombing was a culmination of the weekend event,” Burger said.
When asking the town for permission to yarn bomb a swing at the Visitor Center parking lot, as well as two benches and a trash can in front of the Court House in October, it was suggested they do this on a regular basis. The Knotty Ladies thought this was a great idea, though they continue to ask permission from the appropriate staff beforehand.
“You never turn down free permission to have fun,” Burger said. “The yarn bombing has been my deal, and everyone has pitched in to make it happen.”
This time, the obelisk that stands in front of the Christmas tree was transformed into a snowman. Burger said although the obelisk is a very meaningful monument, it’s not seasonally festive.
“We turned the stone obelisk into a snowman,” she said. “We thought it would be cute to have a snowman in front of the two Christmas trees.”
About a dozen women knitted and crocheted different parts for the snowman. Burger said some people donated yarn, while others turned the yarn into a scarf, black boots, carrot nose and a hat.
After the Christmas tree was lit, Burger, Cari Jarman and her husband and Deborah Montanti went downtown to install their yarn masterpiece.
“We waited until after the tree lighting, a couple nights after the tree was lit,” Burger said. “We went downtown about 5:30 with a ladder and a bag of yarn, needle and thread and installed it.”
The obelisk has a carrot nose that is about 12 inches long and 8 inches across the base of the carrot, a stocking cap, red and white stripped scarf and black boots under the waterfall front.
“We were careful not to hide any of the work,” she said of the snowman. “You can still read the inscription.”
The snowman, which is checked on daily basis to ensure the integrity of the yarn additions, will stay up until after the Christmas parade.
“We don’t want anything to be left up as an eye sore,” Burger said.
The Knotty Ladies plan to continue yarn bombing the town because it provides a little moment of delight and surprise as people walk and drive by the yarn creation.
So make sure to keep your eyes open while driving and walking around Jonesborough, they say, as you never know when the next yarn bombing might take place.