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Don’t let being busy get in the way of experiences

Do you miss a lot of things because you are too busy?
I find I am not very successful in trying to cut back on the requirements of my time.
September and October were extremely busy months, especially with tours of our area.
I am thankful for the business, but I feel overwhelmed when it all comes at one time.
I believe if you are going to do something, you have to do it to the very best of your ability and this often cuts into personal time because you have so much preparation work to do.
Often, though, all the time you put into something is well worth your efforts.
I recently told stories for a friend’s second grade class at a local school.
Most of my work deals with storytelling and keynote speaking for adults, so I had to draw on my memories of telling stories to my daughters and their scout troops.
I even went to the library to look for one story in particular.
I was so glad that I did not let my busy life keep me from being in the classroom with these wonderful kids.
We had such a good time and they were so attentive and eager for stories.
For me, the fun part was watching their faces then listening to the questions they had about the stories.
This morning, all my efforts paid off tenfold as I sat with a cup of coffee and reviewed a wonderful collection of thank you letters and drawings I received from the students.
I was amazed at the details of the stories they put in their drawings and notes.
You may or may not have stories you could go to share at your local schools, but I bet you have some talent or craft you could share.
Looking at these sweet notes from the students reminds me what a positive experience I had with them, and you can too; just don’t let life get in the way.