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Destiny is calling at Tree Top Studio

Visiting the Tree Top Studio Bed and Breakfast in Limestone will make you believe in destiny, because proprietors Rick and Sharon Stone open up their 30-acre utopia to guests as if it was a job they were born to do.
“I guess we started it because we always had a lot of company. We’ve been here 16 years, and really just started the bed and breakfast about two years ago,” Sharon said. “I had never been to a bed and breakfast until I started doing it.”
Trees rustle in the breeze and birds sing brightly as you walk in the front door of the sprawling, ranch-style home. Soft leather couches beckon you to sit and read a book. A wide front porch offers space to settle down and drink in the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding landscape.
An experienced contractor, Rick played a major role in customizing the house for guests. He transformed the structure from a completely gutted small building into a spacious haven with wood trimming and wide open spaces. He painstakingly tamed their once wild, overgrown parcel of land into a pastoral paradise.
“At first you couldn’t even get up here on a tractor to put in a fence,” he said.
The house accommodates seven lodgers, while the master suite doubles as an art studio.
Originally built for Sharon, a lifelong artist with a love for painting and photography, the studio boasts a high ceiling and abundance of natural light that all artists need.
The Stones only occupy a tiny corner of the house, leaving the rest of the space open for business.
The Stones have transformed the Nolichucky River property into their year-round playground.
It includes walking trails, a picnic table in the woods and a grill by the barn where visitors can cook dinner and enjoy the majestic view.
When cooler weather arrives, Rick builds bonfires around the property in the evenings to add to the outdoorsy experience.
Guests are chauffeured by the Stones to the riverside camp where they can fish, canoe, kayak, feed ducks and geese, and maybe even spot a mother turtle laying her eggs.
Like all local bed and breakfast operations, the Stone’s busiest time of year is during the National Storytelling Festival in October. Guests put their deposit down at least a year in advance to stay at the B&B during the festival weekend.
Sharon and Rick truly enjoy having guests underfoot. For Sharon, her favorite part of having visitors happens every morning of their stay.
“I like (for) them to sit on the front porch, and have their coffee or tea in the morning, while I’m making breakfast,” she said. “There’s always deer and turkey out here in the front yard, and a couple of weeks ago (I saw) black bears. And there are hundreds of birds, especially in the morning, and at night you can hear the owls.”
For more information about Tree Top Studio, contact Sharon at 741-3222.