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Crockett HOSA students at State competition in Nashville

With visions of moving on to the national competition dancing in their heads, nearly two dozen student members of the David Crockett High School Health Occupation Student Association are spending the beginning part of this week in Nashville.
The students are hoping to come away victorious at the state competition in order to move on to the nationals, which will be held in Orlando later this year.
“We have 22 kids that placed regionally and now are competing at state,” said Lori Grabner, HOSA advisor. “These individuals have already won different competitions in healthcare at the regional level.”
There are 36 competition categories including health education, CPR and first aid, biomedical debate, medical reading and extemporaneous health poster design, to name a few. Crockett students competed in 18 of those categories at regionals.
Senior Dustin Shelton earned first place at regionals in extemporaneous health poster design, where he was given a health topic and three hours to complete a poster dealing with the issue.
Nikki Saults and Stephanie Nichols, both seniors, also took first place in regionals in the nursing assistant competition and physical therapy, respectively.
“These HOSA kids are the future of the healthcare industry,” Grabner said. “If it wasn’t for them, we’d have nothing to look forward to. We could have the next Louis Pasteur or Florence Nightingale right here.”
Sophomore Logan Noah is among four Crockett kids competing at the state level in biomedical debate. Her team placed third at the regional level, debating the pros and cons of mandatory drug testing of high school students.
“We had to argue the con side both times in regionals,” said Noah, who wants to be a nurse practitioner. “I have always wanted to be in the health field. HOSA has showed me that I can make a difference.”
Crockett’s HOSA president, Candice Smallman, said HOSA has helped her, too.
“A lot of what we do is teamwork so it helps you learn to work will with other people,” said Smallman, a certified nursing assistant who hopes to attend college to become a nurse practitioner. “I just want to keep working in the healthcare field because it’s what I love.”
Crockett’s HOSA was one of the first to charger with the state HOSA in 1978.
HOSA alumni from Crockett have gone on to work in the healthcare field throughout the state and nation.
“I’ve got some in nursing, some technicians, one is in med school right now, one is in veterinary science. I’ve even got one now that’s a mortician in Nashville,” Grabner said. “You never know where they’re going to go. They can be anything. I have no doubt that I’ll be working for one of them one day.”