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Boone Street Market continues to expand

At Boone Street Market, the kitchen is now open — or it soon will be.
After a test run this past Saturday, plans are underway for the market to begin serving soup on Saturday, Feb. 7. Regular lunch hours will be Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
“We want an added lunch option for Jonesborough,” explained Manager Matt Dobson. “We will have soups initially to get the ball rolling.
“Soup is very flexible,” he added with a smile. “You can put a whole lot of things in a soup.”
Market organizers also plan on eventually adding sandwiches and even quiches to the menu after the market kitchen gets underway.
“Maybe even pizza,” Dobson said. “We’ll be doing whatever we can do to fill the shelves and serve warm fresh meals.”
The new kitchen will actually fill a multi-fold purpose for the community.
First, Dobson said, it will be used to earn money for the nonprofit venture.
“Obviously you want to use the space to affect our bottom line,” he said.
While the cafe will get first priority, Dobson and Assistant Manager Veronica Limeberry are also excited about offering the new kitchen out to local food producers.
“When we’re not using the kitchen, we’d like to rent it for a nominal fee for food producers,” Dobson said. Already inspected by the state and ready to roll, the new kitchen offers a needed option for local farmers and gardeners who find it impractical to upgrade their own kitchen sites.
“It’s hard enough to make a buck in small- food producing without this kind of investment,” Dobson said.
Finally, according to Limeberry, the kitchen gives the staff and board a new way to introduce the community to fresh tastes and unusual flavors, as well as new ways to use their produce.
“We want to teach people about foods we may not have seen — teaching about what these things are and how we can use them,” Limeberry said.
For the test run on Jan. 31, Limeberry served a family recipe of Curried Potato and Lentil Soup, a winter-warming potato dish filled with Indian spices.
Future dishes might include Apple Barley Queensland Blue Squash Soup and Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.
Soup will come with a wedge of cornbread, all for $5.49.
To see what soup is on the menu, Limeberry suggest visiting the Boone Street Market facebook page.
“We want to offer customers a broad base,” Dobson said. “And this is just something else we can offer.”