Blue Springs Church

Last Saturday about 20 individuals gathered at Blue Springs Lutheran Church, 920 Main Street, Mosheim, to celebrate its history, genealogy and preservation efforts that are trying to be completed.

The center of the event is older than the church building itself. A group of church members began meeting on the site as early as 1806, according to Blue Springs Historical Association Historian Carolyn Gregg. The formation date with the Lutheran Synod was September 24, 1811, as Patterson’s Church.

At the time of the church formation, the church was represented by Christian Beeble/Bible who was a Revolutionary War veteran. Members of the Bible family gathered Saturday as well, including Aaron Bible, who described the journey of the Bible family from Alsace region of the Rhine River to Pennsylvania and down through Virginia into Tennessee.

The current church building was built circa 1893 as a frame structure in the Folk Victorian with Gothic style.It was used as a church until 2015.

The adjoining cemetery was established circa 1838 and has been a burial place in Mosheim for veterans of many wars including the Civil War, where a mass grave is said to exist.

The previous brick church was used as a Civil War hospital during the Battle of Blue Springs in 1863. Parts of the brick church were excavated during the recent preservation work on the church and has been used on the foundation pillars that has been constructed using a $50,000 preservation grant from the Tennessee Historical Commission to level the church on a new foundation.

In 2017, the building and cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places due to the work of the Blue Springs Historical Association, which was founded as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in 2015.

Most drive by this beautiful piece of history and wonder when it will be painted and preserved. The president of the Blue Springs Historical Association, Wilhelmina Williams, wants everyone to know, it will be completed as soon as possible.

Another Tennessee Historical Commission grant has been approved and it will be used to reglaze the windows, restore the doors, and repair and paint the outside of the building.

Still more money is needed to replaster the inside of the church, which was damaged during the leveling of the foundation, and restoring the steeple.

If you would like to donate to the Blue Springs Historical Association, visit or mail a donation to 330 Elmwood Road, Midway, TN 37809.


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