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A 1984 graduate from David Crockett High School, local dairy farmer Keith Ervin from District 1 has served on the Washington County School Board for 16 years.

“I have twin daughters who also graduated from David Crockett High School and are also graduates of East Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee,” he said. “This is home…. there is no place like Washington County in East Tennessee.

“This is where I was raised, I love Washington County, and watching kids grow and progress in life. I know how hard it is to make a living and I want to sup- port all staff in Washington County Schools.”

As a conservative school board member, Ervin said he wants to be a good steward to the community, especially when it comes to the taxpayer’s money.

“I will continue to advocate and do what is best for Washington County students, teachers, families, and community,” said Ervin. “I am open and say how I feel in meetings. I am here for the kids and when I vote I have the kids in mind.

“I am honest and caring. I like to help people and putting others first is important to me.”

With the new Jonesborough School on the horizon, Ervin is hopeful for what the Town of Jonesborough will accomplish with the new facility.

“Being on the board I have supported building a new school for Jonesborough families. A project of this type has been new and challenging, especially the funding plan,” he said. “It’s putting a lot of trust in the Town of Jonesborough. I hope Jonesborough knows how to build a school.”

But as a school board member, Ervin knows importance of putting the children first when it comes to education, and feels he will continue to bring that support to the school board.

“My goals are keeping kids in school, increase graduation rate in the high schools, pushing more CTE programs, college readiness, and help students achieve at the next level after high school,” said Ervin. “These goals will help progress the community of Washington County.”