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Local electrician and realtor Cody Day is ready to addanewhattohisrackby running for the Washington County School Board for District 1. And he feels that by having strong beliefs in the founding fathers and
the actions they took, the constitution can still be followed and abided by to allow freedom “from sea to shining sea” today.

“I am a Christian, husband and a father to three amazing boys. My family and God have had a huge impact on my life and the direction of my life,” Day said. “I feel like I’m directly where I’m supposed to be.”

Day said that the values and contributions he will bring to the school board include understanding, knowledge and a servant’s heart.

“Personally, I love to think one of the greatest values I bring to this position is real world understanding on budget, workable knowledge, and the ability to be levelheaded and work through every problem with a common sense approach,” he said. “I am serving for the people of this community and the kids of this school system. It’s no different than me serving my clients every single day.”

Additionally, Day has many goals he would like to achieve from the school board seat, and two of those are very specific.

“One of my largest goals is to push our vocational program to the full potential that they have. I have spoken to many of the teachers and people involved in the programs and have an understanding in some of the needs they have,”
he explained. “Also, as an alumnus from the Washington County school system who went into the trades, I see first-hand the needs that the trade fields will need in the near future. As well as farming, nursing, technology and running small businesses.

“I also want to keep our school system somewhat small-town minded. Here in East Tennessee we still value the idea of small-town family. I believe that we can keep these values all while creating the most comprehensive learning experience kids can have.”

For Day, this includes the new Jonesborough School.

“My child went to the existing Jonesborough Middle School last year. I feel that this new school was a desperate need to the children as well as the teachers, administrators and the community,” he said. “I feel as if the current board has done very well leveling the table and making it a very comprehensive as well as budget-friendly process. I would love to see this community really get behind each and every school so we can utilize them to their full potential.”

To serve in the capacity Day wants to serve, he feels that there is one main component to doing the job service.

“Purpose! My purpose in life is to create a future that my kids can be proud of. Children are the future of this country. Way too often do we see kids getting looked over and their learn- ing environment not be put to the top priority,” he said. “These children are the ones who will run the country and drive the economy long after we are gone. We can instill a work ethic and drive for purpose, a drive for knowledge at a young age so we have set our children and country up for success.”

Not only does Day have a love and passion for the children of the region, but also for the region itself.

“I love everything about this region. I have had the opportunity to move and go other places. I can’t seem to picture myself anywhere else, doing anything else,” Day said. “I love our community, the simple hellos and waves to the picking each other up when we fall. This community has become one of the strongest and most well-rounded areas. I don’t want to see that get forgotten and caught up in the drama the rest of the world has to offer.”

Day said that he is a hard- working and moral man, but that’s not all that describes the school board candidate.

“I am grounded, and I am simply common sense first. A lot of times things that just seem too simple or too easy make the most sense. I would like to think that one attribute I can offer is my ability to work on teams as well. I regard the soft skills (handshaking, eye contact and respect) as some of the most important skills taught,” said Day. “I handle stress well and can handle extreme workloads. I put my faith first, my family second and then the rest of the world.”