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Growing up on a farm in Boones Creek, school board District 3 candidate Chad Fleenor still lives on the land he has known his whole life.

“I graduated from Daniel Boone in 1999. I work at Eastman and own Volunteer Stockyards in Greenville,” he said. “I am invested with two kids in the school system. I want to see our students have opportunities when they graduate to either pursue an education or be ready to go to work.”

Fleenor, a veteran school board member, has watched plans for the Jonesborough School unfold from table talks to groundbreaking.

“I joined the school board in 2018 when several options were on the table. There wasn’t a viable option that was affordable without a tax increase. I was as shocked as anyone to learn of the option that the Town of Jonesborough presented,” he said. “I appreciate them for their leadership in leading the effort for what will be a cornerstone for the Jonesborough community. The school board hasn’t been as involved have they have been in the past in construction of a new school, but I have the upmost confidence in the Town of Jonesborough.”

Moving forward, Fleenor is ready to take on what the future holds for the school board and the county.

“I am excited with what the future holds for our system. Our director is a true leader and I know has big plans for our system,” he said. “I want to see our system grow as we recover from Covid and see where Director Boyd takes us. I think we can be a leader in the state!”

A candidate who wanted to make a difference in the region, Fleenor began his school board work for Washington County in 2018.

“I wanted to make a difference is how I got started in 2018. I feel like I still have a lot to do. I love seeing our students in their success. I love supporting the kids and our staff,” he said. “We are incredibly blessed to have the best people in our system. Our staff members work tirelessly to set our kids up for success against all odds. Our board has prioritized people and we still aren’t finished. Our board has grown a lot in the last few years and put all personal agendas behind to put the students first. The work is not finished but our students are worth it!”

There are various things about this region that keep Fleenor wanting to serve, but one stands out above the others.

“People, people, people! Our region is so unique. If you see someone in need then you see our region stand up to help. We are compassionate to others and sensitive to each other’s needs,” he explained. “Our community has grown a lot in the last several years and there are a lot of new faces, but this is home. I couldn’t imagine living or raising my kids up anywhere else.

“I am lifelong resident and a product of Washington County. I go to church at West- minster Presbyterian Church in Johnson City. I am married to my wonderful wife Janee and have two kids in the school system. I want to give back and invest in our community that has blessed me and my family so much.”