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SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION 2022 – Annette Buchanan


A long-term community member on the southside of Washington County, District 1 candidate Annette Buchanan attended West View School for elementary school, Lamar School for middle school and graduated from David Crockett High School.

“I am also a graduate of East Tennessee State University where I earned an education degree. I began my teaching career at Jonesborough Middle School. During my time at Jonesborough Middle School, my husband and I made the decision for me to take time to stay a home to be a full-time moth- er to our children,” she said. “I now volunteer at Cherry Grove Baptist Church as a coordinator for a children’s food pantry that serves chidren that are food insecure.

I teach ages two and three, co-direct the nursery program, and volunteer on the youth council at the same church. I am also a member of Lamar Ruritan.”

Being a lifelong member of the community, Buchanan said she knows the importance of community and wants to bring those values to the school board position.

“I have strong community values. I was raised to be kind, caring and encouraging toward others. I have been taught to help others in need,” she said. “I am a hard worker and was taught if a job is worth doing, it was worth doing right. I bring a posi- tive attitude with educational knowledge to the boardroom.

“The list of reasons why I love this region is very long, but at the top of the list would be the people. Washington County is full of what our grandparents called ‘Salt of the Earth’ people. Neighbors helping neighbors, and there is always someone who is willing to help. Being born and raised in Washington County is and has been a blessing.”

One part of the community Buchanan is excited to have seen come to fruition as a board member and a parent is the new Jonesborough School.

“Jonesborough has needed a new school for a long time. The board was approached with a plan from the Town of Jonesborough that wanted to help make a new school a reality. Over time, I was contacted by numerous stakeholders within my dis- trict,” said Buchanan. “These community members echoed what I already had known to be true. The board voted unanimously to make the agreement and I support the decision of the WCBO.

“I would like to see the completion of the Jonesborough School. I am familiar with the contract and have knowledge to fulfill the obligation the current board has agreed to in the contract. I would like to see a priority placed on K-3 classrooms to meet a goal of students leaving the third grade on or above grade level reading. I also want to continue to advocate for career technical education. I would like to see CTE be rebranded in our communities as these skills are greatly needed in our area.”

Buchanan added that she would describe herself as a dependable and hardworking person who cares deeply about her community, especially the children.

“I am a good listener. I am always willing to help others when they are in need. I do not have a loud personality. I tend to be on the quieter side. I enjoy working behind the scenes to work toward accomplishing goals.

Buchanan would like to continue in her role as a school board member to, not only see the success of the past, but of the future as well.

“There are many opportunities as a school board member to bring positive change in the community. I would be honored to continue to serve and to work towards common goals. I am passionate about our community and want to continue supporting our students in their endeavors,” she said. The opportunity to represent public education in our area to our state, local and federal governing bodies, is a privilege that I do not take lightly. I always want the community to know I am working for the future of our students.”