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Staff Writer [email protected]

Currently serving as a Washington County Commissioner for District 4, Danny Edens is a United States Air Force Veteran seeking election as the next Washington County Clerk.

“I have proven leadership skills through my military service, my 16 years of experience in county government, and my 25 plus years as an assistant supervisor for the Town of Jonesborough,” he said.

Edens adds that the goals he has in mind for the position involve the leadership skills he as attained over the years.

“My goals for this position are to apply my leadership skills and bring positive change to the County Clerk’s office. I want to improve the service for the taxpayers of Washington County by implementing new and improved ideas, as well as providing new and innovative services such as driver’s license renewals, hunting and fishing licenses, and possibly extended hours,” he said. “I feel by being attentive and accessible to all taxpayers will provide a better customer service experience.”

As one who has served, not only for the town, but for his country, Edens wants to continue serving the county in a new role and capacity.

“Seeking the office of County Clerk will allow me the opportunity to continue serving the taxpayers of Washington County on a full-time basis,” he said. “It will allow me the opportunity to dedicate all my time and efforts to improve the service of this office by bringing positive change.”

Edens and his wife of 38 years Kelly have two grown children and five grandchildren to which he is dedicated, and he feels the same about the county.

“I would describe myself as hardworking, dedicated, honest and trustworthy. I am loyal servant to the people of this county who always says what he means and means what he says,” he said.