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Staff Writer [email protected]

Born and raised in Washington County, Cheryl Storey worked in the county clerk’s office for 20 years, beginning in 2001. Now she’s running for county clerk itself.

“In 2003, I became full time. In 2011, I became the chief deputy and office manager under our current county clerk, Kathy Storey,” she said. “If I’m elected, I will bring 20 years of experience and knowing what to do from day one.”

Storey says that she already has some goals in mind for the position if she is elected.

“Future goals would be to put in place kiosks for renew- ing, so residents don’t have to stand in line. Sometimes we do have long lines, so that would be one of my goals; to install kiosks for renewing license plates,” she explained. “I feel like I’m the best qualified candidate for the job. I have the experience it takes, and I know what works well and areas that need improvement.”

In addition to experience, Storey also feels she has what it takes in other aspects as well.

“I’m a friendly and outgoing person. I’ve been married for 24 years to my husband Wes, and we have a daughter Allie that’s 18 who is a senior at Daniel Boone High School and dual enrolled through ETSU,” she said. “I’m a family person first and foremost.”

Storey said she is asking for the support of the Washing- ton County residents in the May 3rd election.