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Accident brings out good Samaritans

Staff Writer [email protected]

A crash that occurred on Main Street last week was ruled a medical emergency by Jonesborough Police. On Tues- day, JPD responded to what was reported as a vehicle accident, but while enroute, Police Chief Matt Rice said they were updated that one of the drivers was having a medical issue.

“When the first units arrived, it was observed that the driver was unresponsive with no pulse. CPR had been started by the other driver and care was assumed by our officers, Washington County EMS and Jonesborough Fire personnel,” Rice said. “We performed CPR and deployed an AED to pro- vide life-saving measures.”

Prior to responders arriving, Carla Bowers, owner of the Silver and Crystal Raven, was one of the first on the scene and helped to pull the driver from his truck.

“It was about 3:15 p.m. I was at the Silver Raven and was leaving with my papers and somebody screamed for help,” Bowers said. “When I looked out, there was a gentleman in his truck and it looked like he was passing out. Another lady that was there cut his truck off because it was rolling into a Jeep.

“The young lady that was in the Jeep, crawled out of the passenger side, and we began discussing what to do. She got into the truck and was asking the man to respond, and she then got out and told me we had to get him out.”

Bowers said the Jeep and the truck were wedged together, and once the Jeep was freed, they were able to pull the unconscious man out.

“Then me and the other lady just took turns doing CPR until the paramedics came, then they took over,” she said. “It was very terrifying at the moment, but you’re constantly thinking of ‘what do I need to do?’ “That is somebody’s husband, somebody’s dad, somebody’s grandfather. If you come to Jonesborough, no matter what, we’re going to take care of you. I hope that we have a community that is caring. We have to care about each other. The best way to get other people to care is to care yourself, and get out there, roll up your sleeves and do what you need to do.”

Rice added that the vehicles that collided only received minor damage. More will be released as the incident is still under investigation.