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Ruritan plans ‘Touch-A-Truck’ event


Telford Ruritan plans on showing off a bit of their history while honoring first responders at their upcoming October event.


Staff Writer

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The Telford Ruritan is offering the community the chance to meet local first responders at its first “Touch-A-Truck” event.

The ruritan will host the event on Saturday, Oct. 12, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will give adults and kids of all ages the opportunity to look inside fire trucks, police vehicles, ambulances and more all while in the presence of first responders and emergency personnel.

“Kids love to come and see these things,” ruritan member Dan Westbrook said. “Parents have to bring them so we kind of meet all ages and get to introduce them to the ruritan and the building with this function.”

The ruritan will also welcome visitors to the building that used to be the Telford School building long before it was the location of the now defunct Washington County Canning College. Now the club is hoping to make the building more of a community space all while honoring first responders.

“We are looking for functions now to reintroduce the ruritan and the building to the telford community and indeed have it as a community center for kids,” Westbrook said. “It’s a place to have various events. We want to re-purpose the building. This is just one way we thought we would do this.”

Ruritan members also hope the event will introduce the community to first responders in a positive way.

“It is so important (bringing first responders and the community together). Typically the average citizen doesn’t meet a fire personnel or a paramedic or a sheriff’s officer unless it’s under dire circumstances,” Westbrook said. “But they are members of our communities and in many instances they are our neighbors. You see them in the parades and they throw out candies to the kids, so there should be a good relationship and no fear of law enforcement and a sense of cooperation. The best way to establish that is meeting them one-on-one.”

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