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Jonesborough sidewalk project stalls

Staff Writer [email protected]

The Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Alderman are still at the starting line waiting for the go ahead for the much-anticipated new sidewalk project.

“If you go back and look at our bid, we only had one bidder that bid both the prep work and the concrete work,” said Town Operations Manager Craig Ford. “The board approved the bid subject to the town administrator being able to come to terms with the contractor.”

Ford said that there have been three meetings with the contractor and it seems like everything keeps running into delays.

“My recommendation is to simply contact the contractor and tell him this is the line in the sand, either you can do it for this or you can’t. And then we go back and do as quick a turnaround as we can to re-bid and maybe bid someone to do the prep work and someone to do the concrete work,” Ford said. “That’s the problem we had with the first bid. We had a bid to do the prep work but then we didn’t have a secondary bid to pour the concrete after the prep work was done.”

The bidding transpired in the Spring of 2022 and circumstances with workloads and job obligations will have changed by now, according to Alderman Kelly Wolfe.

“I just want to encourage us to not let this thing continue to drag,” he said. “We need to get aggressive. If he’s not going to be able to get on it and perform, we need to re-bid just to move it forward. There’s been ample time at this point for it to have had some action take place. We don’t need to let any dust gather on this anymore.”

According to Mayor Chuck Vest, the contractors for the sidewalk project are the same contractors that are overseeing Lincoln Park project.

“Our goal is to find a prep- per and a concrete company to come in closer to budget and get the project done at the same time we are trying to finalize the easements needed along East Main as well,” said Town Administrator Glenn Rosenoff.

However, according to Town Attorney Jim Wheeler, no easements have been acquired as of yet.

“That’ll be important that everybody up and down there signs off on the easements,” Wheeler said. “There are roughly a dozen needing to be signed. I’m not aware of any easements that have been signed yet.”

Without the easements signed off on, the project can not move forward as needed, added Wolfe.

“We have a lot going on, I know that, but I feel that it’s important the groundwork gets laid on the project and keep it rolling,” he said.