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‘Silver Raven’ opens in downtown Jonesborough

Staff Writer [email protected]

In May of 2019, Jerome and Carla Bowers, owners of the Crystal Raven, chose downtown Jonesborough as the store location, not only for its closeness to home but for its beautiful history and small town welcoming vibe.

On Saturday, Feb. 19, they opened their newest down- town addition, Silver Raven, with a ribbon cutting and open house celebration of their new store, which sells elegant jewelry at affordable prices, meant for everyday use.

The owners work with artisans from around the world allowing them, they said, to ensure that their customers receive the highest quality jewelry at the lowest possible price.

“They have played a big part in the vibrancy and success we have had downtown, so we certainly appreciate them expanding this new location,” Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest said Saturday. “It’s beautiful inside too, and I think they will knock it out of the park.”

Jerome and Carla said were honored to be joined by members of the immediate community, as well as friends that drove over six hours to be there, coming as far as from Washington D.C.

“Honestly, you guys deserve the thanks not us. If it wasn’t for all of our customers, and everybody who decided to come out today, I know we’ve had some people that drove three hours to six hours to be here with us today,” Jerome said. “It’s the community, it’s the town, its everything. It’s not us; we are just here to support you.”

 After opening the Crystal Raven three years ago, the Bowers said they saw so much success from it, they felt they needed to expand to attract a different customer base, one that favored their jewelry.

“The reason we decided to open a jewelry store, is that last year we got runner-up in ‘Best of the Best’ in readers’ choice for gifts and collectibles at Crystal Raven,” Carla said.

Jerome added that they were also “Best of the Best” in medi-physical store, runner-up on herbal supply and runner-up on jewelry store.

“At the time, we only had two cases of jewelry, and we had all this here now in backstock, but only two out on the floor,” he continued. “We were thinking the community’s wanting more jewelry, they’re liking the selection we are providing, and also there we are a small store. So, it just seemed like a good fit to pull the jewelry out, which is what everybody seemed to be interested in, and get it into a separate location. And plus, it allows us to give to a more diversified group of customers.”

The idea for the stores came from North Carolina native Jerome’s love of rocks ever since he was a kid. “It’s been a lifelong passion. And all our lives we have worked for other people. (Carla) owned a landscaping company, she has her own small greenhouse and we sold a lot to farmer’s markets and flea markets, and what goes good with plants? Rocks,” Jerome said. “So, we always put rocks out on the table, and that’s what ultimately made us realize, hey we could possibly do this.”

Knowing the response would be good, they decided to combine the two and open their own business and give back to the community.

“The American Dream is out there. It’s not going to come knocking at your door. You have to work for it,” Carla said. “And we worked really hard and we are very fortunate for what we have.”

According to the Bowers, if it wasn’t for the other business owners, the customers and the support of the town, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

“We just want to say thank you to everybody. I always tell my customers, we would not exist without them,” Carla said. “We are who we are because of them, and we are very, very grateful.”

The Silver Raven is located at 125 East Main Street and you can visit their site at