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Evan’s Eggs: Young entrepreneur sets up shop on Main


Staff Writer

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Downtown Jonesborough now has a new kind of entrepreneur on Main Street.

Evan Head is a third grader at Jonesborough Elementary School and is also the operator of a roadside egg stand “Evan’s Eggs” which offers homegrown, Jonesborough eggs straight from Evan’s farm. 

“I sold about 17 dozen in two hours the other day,” Evan said on Friday, sitting next to a cooler of egg cartons. “Right now I have about 10 dozen with me.”

Evan started selling eggs after requesting his family buy more chickens, which led his family to housing 40 free-range chickens and way more eggs than they could eat. After that, he set up his egg stand in front of Crystal Raven, the downtown store his grandfather, Jerome Bowers, owns and operates.

“This is his third week,” Bowers said. “He can sit out here and do his homework with the Wi-Fi and sell eggs.”

Usually on Thursdays and Fridays, Evan sells eggs to downtown passers by while also working on his school work. But the egg venture has also been a lesson in responsibility for Evan. 

“The deal is if he pays for the feed and takes care of the chickens, whatever extra money he has is his to spend however he so chooses,” Bowers said. “Everybody in the house has their responsibilities and this is his. We had three hens and that’s all we had and he wanted more. We told him if he wanted more, it was going to be his responsibility no matter how hard it gets.

“The chickens are his. It’s something he considers his own and takes care of on his own. He gets help when he needs it, but it’s his responsibility.”

For Evan, his hard-earned egg money is a good way to be able to buy the hottest video game around.

“Then he gets to pick and choose (a video game),” Bowers said, “and say, ‘Is this a good buy? Or do I want to save my money for a special video game?’ He’s been saving for one instead of blowing his money on candy or other games.”

“The game I want hasn’t come out yet,” Evan added from behind his stand. “It comes out on the 18th.”

You can look for Evan in front of Crystal Raven, located at 103 E Main St., Jonesborough. Evan sells his eggs for $3 a dozen for large eggs and $2 a dozen for small eggs and is set up between normal business hours on most Thursdays and Fridays.