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Dollar Tree coming to Jonesborough

The site on Highway 11-E in Jonesborough is soon to be the home of a Dollar Tree store.


H&T Correspondent

A new Dollar Tree store is under construction on the Jonesborough section of Highway 11E.

Dollar Tree specializes in discount goods, with the slogan “Everything’s $1!”

The store will be located on 11E, also known as West Jackson Boulevard, between Creasy Road and West Hills Drive.

Construction crews have recently broken ground, but according to Jonesborough’s Town Administrator Bob Browning, Dollar Tree began showing interest in opening a store in Jonesborough about six months ago.

“They put together a site plan that went to our planning commission,” Browning said.

The site plan included information needed for the store’s utility installation and for compliance with other building ordinances, like the lighting ordinance that aims to minimize glare.

Browning also stated that the location was probably chosen because of its convenience.

“Jonesborough is centrally located in the county and has access in a lot of different directions,” Browning said. “A lot of the county and state roads radiate out of Jonesborough. It’s a really good location for serving residents in the county. I think that’s one of the things that some of the retailers look at, as to who their normal clientele is and the demographic for their clientele.”

The new Dollar Tree will be located about a half-mile away from Family Dollar in Jonesborough. In July 2015, Dollar Tree, Inc., announced that it had acquired Family Dollar Stores, Inc., a move which put the company in charge of more than 13,000 stores in 48 states and five Canadian provinces.

No opening date for Dollar Tree’s Jonesborough store was provided.