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Dear Santa: West View students share their wishes for Christmas

West View students have filled Santa’s mailbox this year. (Photo contributed)


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The best Christmas gift of all is not usually a gift at all. That’s what West View Elementary School students have reminded us this holiday season.

West View students from first grade through fifth grade wrote letters to Santa this Christmas season, which you can see throughout the pages of the Herald & Tribune.

These kids want basketballs, puppies, LOL Surprise Dolls and, like most kids their age, phones and video games. Some kids asked for forgiveness for being naughty this year while some said, in their opinion, they had been pretty good this year.

But for a lot of kids, they just want a happy Christmas for their loved ones.

One little girl asked Santa to give her mom a break and for her to have some fun away from the kids. One student asked for a gift to give to her best friend. One little girl wants her family to have the best Christmas because they deserve it, especially her parents. And one kid asked Santa to give the homeless what they need. But if that’s too much to ask, she said, she wants nothing but for everyone to be happy.

Shopping can be tiresome, preparing for Christmas can be overwhelming and the reason to celebrate can sometimes get a little lost. But it’s not lost on some of these kids. And it might not be so lost on you should you read a few of the wishes of some local students with a good idea of what Christmas is all about.