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Local playwright continues to rack up variety of awards

Staff Writer [email protected]

Over the past few years, Jules Corriere, director of outreach for the McKinney Center, has taken her love for people and storytelling, and turned it into numerous awards and recognitions.

“(The screenplay) ‘Standing in Line’ is the one that is getting a lot of traction right now,” Corriere said. “There are two major websites that screenwriters use to submit their work; one is Coverfly and the other is Film Freeway. And right now, I was just notified at the start of June that I made the Coverfly Red List at number 18. The Red List is a ‘dynamic leaderboard of the top projects on Coverfly.’ Of the over ten thousand drama shorts on Coverfly right now, my script is ranked number 18.”

Corriere’s script is ranked in the top 6% of short screen- plays, which is based on the scores it has received in the different festivals she has submitted to on Coverfly.

“It is based on being a finalist in the Los Angeles Inter- national Screenplay Awards,” she said. “And I am also now a finalist in the Golden Script Award, and the winner will be announced in later July or August.”

But according to Corriere, that’s only just the beginning.

“Then on Film Freeway, the first monthly film festival I won and that is in Belgrade. The Poppy Film Festival, I won for is in Macedonia, and I won for the month of February. The Art Film Awards, I won honorable mention and that is also in Macedonia. And then the Berlin Flash Film Festival was for my short film ‘Boom’ and I won that one for my February submission. In the Hollywood Script Awards, I got honorable mention,” she explained. “In the Wiki World’s Fastest Screenplay Contest (The Wiki Screen- play Awards) I got honorable mention in March. The one that I won, Hollywood Just for Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition, I won first place in that. And then I just won the award winner of Short-Filmz. I’m a semi-finalist in the Robinson Film Awards which is an international film festival in Rome, Italy.”

With all of these recognitions, Corriere has stayed humble and true to her passion, which is telling the stories of those who need their stories told.

“It’s quite overwhelming right now, honestly. I had submitted to a bunch based on the recommendation of my advisor and professors at school, in the hopes of getting a festival recognition. I am really happily surprised at receiving all the ones that I have,” she said. “Why did I do this? I did it first of all because it was recommended by my professors to start getting my work out there, even though I’ve been a playwright for a long time, I’m a new screen- writer. So, this was a way to start getting my work out there and getting recognized in the film and screen industry and to try and win one or at least place in one.

“The second reason is, wouldn’t it be neat if one of these short films that based on a real story of real people does get optioned and turned into a short film? For me, I think it’s important to bring to life the stories of ordinary people who have been through extraordinary circumstances and made it out. They give hope to everybody else. We look at their courage and their trials and what they’ve been able to do and that gives us courage to do what we need to do as well.”