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Contact Us

Contact Us


Lisa Whaley, Publisher: [email protected]; 423-753-3136 (ext. 3603)


Send press releases to one of the following:

Lisa Whaley, Editor: [email protected]; 423-753-3136 (ext. 3603)

John L. Kiener, Associate Editor: [email protected].net; 423-753-3136 (ext. 3607)

Marina Waters, Staff Writer: [email protected]; 423-753-3136 (ext. 3608)

Photos: [email protected]


Kris Koester, Office Manager: [email protected]

If you did not receive your Herald & Tribune this week, for any questions regarding becoming a subscriber to the Herald & Tribune or any questions regarding a current subscription please contact Kris Koester. 423-753-3136 (ext. 3601)


Marcella Peek, Advertising Manager: [email protected]

Please contact Marcella regarding any of the following: Legal Notices, Inserts/Preprints, Classified Ads, Display Ads, Promotional ads, or any advertising billing questions. 423-753-3136 (ext. 3602)