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Town of Jonesborough to return to recycling in month of March

Staff Writer [email protected]

Since March of 2020, the Town of Jonesborough recycling program has been suspended due to the ongoing pandemic. But after almost two years, recycling will be returning to Jonesborough March 1, 2022.

The recycling program will collect plastic, cardboard/card- board boxes, aluminum, tin cans, newspaper and paper products. The collection of glass products will still be discontinued in the upcoming recycling program.

According to town officials, in the past, the Town of Jones- borough partnered with the Washington County Inmate Work- force Program on recycling. This program through Washing- ton County allowed the Town of Jonesborough the necessary labor to collect and process recyclables from the curb for the past 20 years. However, due to COVID, inmates were no longer permitted to assist with the service due to health and safety concerns.

Without inmate assistance, the Town’s recycling program will now be solely funded through the Jonesborough Solid Waste Department.

“COVID slowed us and we needed to think about the safety

of our employees,” Jonesborough Vice-Mayor Adam Dickson. “Now we’re back at a place where we feel confident to resurrect the program and we are just excited to see it back in place.”

Officials stated that prior to the pandemic, the Town was able to provide a $2 credit for those households that recycled, so the regular $15.50 fee per month was reduced to $13.50 per month. However, because of the pandemic and increased

costs associated with reinitiating the recycling program, the Town will be eliminating the recycling credit of $2.00 and charging a flat fee for all Solid Waste services at $15.50 per month.

Prior to the pandemic, the town said that there was an overall recycling participation rate of 75% from residential homeowners. The long-term goal is to surpass that number and steadily increase every year until 100% is reached.

Beginning March 1, 2022, Jonesborough citizens are asked to set out recycling materials for collection the same day as garbage is collected. If residents participating in the recycling program need a bin, call (423) 753-1006 and leave your address. A bin will be delivered to your home.

“I am very excited to see the recycling program come back as a service that the Town of Jonesborough provides for our citizens,” Dickson said. “The

town is focused on sustainability, has been now for some time. Our curbside recycling program is one effort toward that goal.” For additional information, please call Jonesborough Town Hall at (423) 753-1030.

If you are interested in being involved in efforts to increase recycling participation and would like to volunteer, please email the Keep Jonesborough Beautiful program at keep- [email protected] com.