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Professional pooches help downtown business shine


Staff Writer

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Bailey and Kona Eveland know all about running a business. These two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the pets and business partners of Gabe Eveland, owner of Tennessee Tails on Main Street.

“Bailey is our chief experience officer and Kona

is our executive director of food and treats,” Eveland said. “Kona is a picky eater but knows what treat she likes. She looks right up to the shelf her favorite one is on.” These handpicked positions have been their titles from the beginning.

“I have had Bailey since January 2020 and Kona since April 2020,” Eveland said. “Bailey was loved so much, I thought he should have a sister.” Tennessee Tails began when a space became available and the concept was put into motion. The paperwork was signed February of 2020 and Tennessee Tails was born.

“Bailey and Kona immediately became the mascots for the store,” Eveland said. “They have incredible personalities and customers come in weekly to see them. It’s fun.” And these two pups know when they are on their way to the store for a great day.

“They don’t really know where we are going right when we leave, but when we get closer to Jonesborough, they recognize things and get excited,” Eveland said. “They pull me toward the store when we get out of the car. Then, as I am setting up and getting the store ready, Bailey and Kona are playing and chasing each other in circles.”

Eveland and Tennessee Tails hold different events throughout the year for the four-legged friends of the area.

“Every year we have a birthday party for each of the dogs and customers bring gifts,” Eveland said. “They steal hearts. They are both lovebugs.” Eveland wanted them to be a part of the store, and they have definitely integrated themselves right into the business and into hearts.

Another fun happening is the Pet Halloween Parade “Lick or Treat Paw Parade”in the Fall and the “Doggy Hop” in the Spring for Easter.

“We have great attendance,” Eveland said. “There is an Easter egg hunt for dogs, and there have been up to 100 dogs there.”

By holding events that cater to the furry friends of Jonesborough, Kona and Bailey are able to make new friends and be the dogs they were born to be.

“We want the dogs to be a part of the store,” Eveland said. “Associates can bring their dogs with them to work and customers as well.”

Eveland and Tennessee Tails welcome dogs of all sizes, breeds and treat type. And he does it with the two co-workers he believes to be the best lead mascots around.