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Yarn Exchange honors veterans through memories brought to life


“Vietnam wasn’t no fun place.”

“The Battle of the Bulge—yes. I was there. I…I don’t talk about that.”

“They said Korea wasn’t no war. Well, who was shooting at us, then?”

“Iraq. Yeah. I was there. So was my best friend. He’s gone now.”

“Can’t nobody tell you what war is like unless you were there. Can’t nobody understand the things you done, unless you know what it’s like. But nobody knows what it’s like who wasn’t there, so you keep it inside.”

“Yeah, I lost somebody. We all lost somebody.”

The Yarn Exchange Live Radio Show will present stories of hardship, loss, remembrance and triumph on May 22 in their program commemorating local veterans. This scripted production will bring to life scenes drawn from the real-life stories of area veterans from World War II to the present. These stories, collected as part of Jonesborough’s Community Story Initiative, provide a deeply personal look into the individual lives of these soldiers- what they remember, what they experienced overseas, and the changing landscape of the home front upon their return.

This episode of the Yarn Exchange’s monthly radio show series, entitled, “My War”, provides insight into the soldier’s point of view as their experiences are presented by a cast of thirty actors. “My War” explores the duty and honor shared by these brothers in arms, and also sheds light on the sometimes difficult transition back into civilian life. It also examines the questions asked by veterans, as they attempt to re-enter a world they left behind- a world that sometimes does not accept or understand them upon their return. The program also shares in the personal triumphs and victories of these veterans, celebrating their courage on the battlefield, and their determination to contribute to making the world they live in a stronger and safer place.

Joining the cast this month will be the Jonesborough Novelty Band, which will play a series of patriotic melodies and lead the audience in some sing-alongs.

Immediately following the program, attending veterans and audience members will be served cake and punch in the lobby.

Tickets for this event are $5 and can be purchased at the Visitors Center, by calling 423-753-1010 or online at The program begins at 7p.m. at the International Storytelling Center in downtown Jonesborough. For more information contact program director Jules Corriere at 423-794-6320.