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Weigel’s opens in Jonesborough

Staff Writer [email protected]

The ribbon cutting on Thursday made it official. Weigel’s has a new home and location in Jonesborough.

Government and town officials gathered at the new location on Headtown Road to congratulate CEO Bill Weigel on his newest venture.

“In today’s economic environment of rising costs for our town, it’s important to grow our sales tax revenue and Weigel’s choosing this great intersection in Jonesborough will help us do just that,” said Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest. “I was pleased to hear the excitement in Bill Weigel’s voice when he shared their initial success. Consumers today love speed and convenience and this East Tennessee-founded company offers that in both food and fuel.”

Weigel’s has been opening a chain of stores across the region, and Weigel said that in hunting a good location for their next store, he found Jonesborough to be a very nice place and what they were looking for.

“My son-in-law used to live on Headtown Road, so that’s how we got here. And when we got here, we found this land. I had been looking at it on paper and when I saw that big hole, I thought, ‘Oh no! What have we done? We will never get this built.’ So, we filled it and raised it. On paper, we thought we could use the land in the back too for

apartments, but there is still a hole so we can’t develop back more.”

From the ground up, Weigel said it took them eight months to build their new location to add to the 71 locations already in use around the region.

“We want to expand from this area all the way up to Bristol, as heavily as we can,” he said. “Anything that will have 30,000 cars a day going by is what we would like to have. There are not a lot of places like that, so we are limited. But this is about a $4 million store, so you better have the traffic or it’s too late to back out. With Jonesborough, our food sales here are one of the highest that we’ve ever opened, we are very excited. Everything is going good, we are above happy. Sometimes you aren’t as happy as you think you should be, but this time we’re completely happy. And we’ve got a good manager here.”

That manager is Heather Sexton, who has worked at several different Weigel’s locations in the area before landing at the newest location in Jonesborough.

“I am the store manager here, and the managers do everything,” Sexton explained. “We jump in where we are needed, we do our orders, we love talking to the customers. My staff here is wonderful and this town has been excellent to us. They were just as excited as we were to come in here. We’ve had people come in saying they had waited for months.”

Vest said that he is very happy for this new addition to the town and hopes that the community will take advantage of the latest Weigel’s location.

“I encourage our community to support this and all our local businesses,” he said.