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Vince Walters brings ‘everyday person’ to BOE

EDITORS NOTE: Now that we have published stories about the five candidates running for the District 2 seat of the Washington County Board of Education we will publish their stories online. The order will be as follows; Bob Cantler (Wednesday), Mary Beth Dellinger (Thursday), Todd Ganger (Friday), Phillip McLain (Saturday) and Vince Walters (Sunday). Each will appear in the Community News Section on the website.


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As an 18-year veteran of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Vince Walters brings an expertise in security that isn’t currently available on the Washington County Board of Education.

“The security of our children is very important,” Walters said. “I think right now our SRO’s are doing a wonderful job of keeping our kids safe and that program is awesome. But are there improvements we could make for the security of our children? Of course there are.

Vince Walters
                                                  Vince Walters

“So with that experience and training, I do want to bring more security to our children, faculty and administrators. But that is something that we have to work on together.”

However, that isn’t the only reason why Walters wants to become of member of the board.

Walters said that he was encouraged to run for school board because of the interaction with his daughters, who are 13 and 17 years old and are students in the Washington County system.

“I was spurred on by my daughters; that is the whole idea that began my want to do this,” Walters said. “I really care about my girls and I want to see great things for them and every other child and student in Washington County.

“With having kids in the system, I am already invested. And the strides that we make for all of the school children are worth it. I want our teachers to feel like they are backed up and have the support that they need.”

He said that he wants the teachers to feel the support and wants teachers to have the freedom to use their talents to teach kids in a fashion they see fit. That includes the introduction of more technology for the students and the teachers in the system.

“Anything that can help our children learn in anyway, I am for,” Walters said. “We are living in a technology-driven society right now, so I am for technology and anything that will help the kids learn.”

Walters said that the new Boones Creek school is needed, but admits that as an outsider looking in, he may not know all of the details that have led to to the project’s current stalemate.

He also mentioned that he would be excited to work with the new Washington County Director of Schools Kimber Halliburton.

“She brings new ideas and new things and I was very impressed with her bringing the teacher and support staff forward during the last school board meeting,” Walters said. “That helps to bring up the morale and show them they are special and I am all for that stuff.”

But most importantly he wants to help be an “everyday” voice on the board.

“I’m an everyday kind of guy and I just want to get on the school board to make a difference for our kids,” Walters said. “I just want to be a real person to these kids and teachers. I’m a real son, I am a real dad and I work every day. I want people to know that I am running for school board to represent the parents, the teachers and the students. And I am excited about doing that, especially with Mrs. Halliburton coming in.”