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Town declares ‘Pat Wolfe Day’



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The Town of Jonesborough honored former Washington County commissioner and longtime local resident Pat Wolfe at the Dec. 13 Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, declaring Thursday, Dec. 13 as “Pat Wolfe Day.”

“I have a proclamation for a very special gentleman —  Pat Wolfe,” Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest told the BMA board and audience at the beginning of last Wednesday’s meeting.  “Would you join me up here, sir?”, he said, motioning to Wolfe.

The proclamation, Vest continued, is intended to recognize Wolfe for his “lifetime of service to the citizens of Jonesborough and Washington County.”

Wolfe, who was honored in November by the Jonesborough Kiwanis Club as their “first Kiwanian of the Year,” was lauded for his many contributions to the region throughout his lifetime.

These contributions included 18 years of service of as a Washington County commissioner, as well as his dedication to the local Kiwanis Club, which had been serving the youth and Washington County and Jonesborough for decades. His life of service has also included time serving during the Vietnam War as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Air Calvary Division; working as a banker and manager of the Federal Land Bank, serving countless people in Northeast Tennessee with their homes and farms; and performing more than 300 marriages a year through his church.

“This again is totally a surprise like the one I got back in  November (from the Kiwanis Club) was,” said Wolfe, who is a lifelong resident of Washington County. “I’ve always been close by Jonesborough, down by the Telford, Leesburg way.” And throughout his time as a resident and as a commissioner, he said, he always tried to do what was right for the people living here.

“Jonesborough has been home,” Wolfe said simply. “Still is.”

Wolfe’s son, Kelly, Jonesborough’s former mayor, was also there to witness the honor and had his own praise for the town.

“It’s a very, very special place we live in,” Kelly Wolfe said. “And I think back on a lot of fond memories of my nine and a half years here serving with you folks. You continue to do a great job. And you continue to show the same passion and compassion to the people of this town as when I was here. So it is gratifying to me to see that even though I’m not here, and I am nothing special, things continue to be just as great now as they were then. And I want to thank you all for continuing to keep Jonesborough the very special place that it is. You’re doing a great job.”