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Mother/daughter duo to appear on TLC

Staff Writer [email protected]

Jonesborough mother and daughter duo Cathy Ellison and Ashley Hefner found themselves going from Main Street to main screen appear- ing on TLC’s show “sMothered.”

“We just moved to Jones- borough one year ago,” said Ellison. “We bought homes right next to each other in a subdivision in Jonesborough and fenced our yards in together so it’s one big yard.”

Ellison said that the two are as close as a mother and daughter can be, even looking alike and unknowingly dating the same men.

“We travel as a pack wherever we go. My sister decided to move up here and I followed suit,” Hefner said. “We moved together from Ohio to North Carolina to Florida back to North Carolina back to Florida and now we have all moved up to Tennessee, including grandma. She is mov- ing into a house in the same neighborhood next month.”

While in Tampa Florida, the family unknowingly met a producer whose friend was a producer for “sMothered,” and according to Ellison, one thing led to another.

“They wanted us to send them our bios and tell them a little bit about ourselves and the closeness of us,” Ellison said. “This all transpired down in Florida, then they found out we were moving as a pack to Jonesborough and they just thought that was awesome.”

The duo didn’t actually start filming for the show until they were in Jonesborough.

“We began shooting for the show last fall. This is a whole new experience. We’ve never put ourselves out there,” Ellison said. “The things I do for my children.”

With their relationship being what it is, many people have questioned their closeness, but Hefner said that they have always been this close.

“When I was in college and I became a young mother myself, we grew much closer and our bond got stronger,” she said. “Anywhere, we’ve ever lived, we not only lived in the same city, we lived on the same street. No matter where we’ve lived. In Florida, I only lived four houses down from my mom and when we lived in apartments we lived in the same complex.”

Ellison said she can’t imagine how some people have children that live all the way across the United States and they only see them twice a year.

“I can’t imagine not living right by my children,” she said.

With both ladies looking alike and only being 20 years apart, things can be a little interesting, according to the duo.

“Ashley had been on a dating site and I decided to get on it a few years ago and one of the gentlemen I went out with, I was telling Ashley all about the date and she was like, ‘That’s familiar! It sounds like one I went on,’” Ellison explained. “She asked me his name and I told her. She then asked what his number was and I told her and she went ‘Mom! I used to go out with him several years ago!” I had no clue. But yeah, that actually happened on several different occasions. So now we look over who the other is talking to online.”