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Mockingbird house decks out for Halloween


Patrick Moreland has made sure his home is spookiest on the block this year. (Photos by Caroline Hughart)


H&T Correspondent

Looking for an exciting trick-or-treating destination this Halloween? Patrick Moreland wants you to consider taking your family and friends to come enjoy his Halloween display on Mockingbird Place located in Jonesborough.

Determined to make his house a spooky and entertaining spot for all Halloween lovers, Moreland has been creating intricate and eye-pleasing displays in his yard for years.

Ghosts and ghouls await.

After noticing how many trick-or-treaters were coming to his house, he decided to take his passion for Halloween full throttle and began putting the displays together annually.

  “Halloween has always been my favorite holiday by far since I was a little kid,” Moreland said. “The first year I didn’t put anything up because there didn’t seem to be really be any kids in the neighborhood. Then we got around 30 trick-or-treaters. I got kind of excited and decided the next year to start doing something,”

The creative displays have evolved over the years, with new additions and new ideas always being added to the mix. Moreland hopes that his efforts and passion for the holiday will attract more families to come out and enjoy his display. 

“Hopefully people will see it and we’ll get more trick or treaters,” Moreland said. “Every year we have bigger plans. We’ve gradually built it up each year and added more to it. The last couple years we’ve gotten a little over 100 trick-or-treaters.”

Moreland enjoys going above and beyond when decorating. Using animated figures, such as ones that move, make noise or talk, are some of his favorite pieces to entertain people with.

“Some of the stuff is animated,” Moreland said. “When some of the kids come up, they’re just amazed and point at everything. We’ve even had adults out here filming our display.”

Although Moreland himself has always loved the holiday, seeing other people enjoy the fruits of his labor makes everything even more gratifying.

“I really enjoy being here Halloween night and seeing all the kids reactions,” Moreland said. “It’s a pretty good display.”

Creating and displaying his spooky set up is something that Moreland does for fun. However, looking forward he has considered turning his dedication to the holiday into something more professional.   

“Based on how it does and if we really start to increase the number of people, that’s something to think about,” Moreland said. “I would love to do this as a business.”

Old or young, Moreland believes all Halloween lovers will enjoy his thrilling décor and wants to share his love for ghosts and ghouls with all.