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Local locksmith picks new spot

David Sell has changed the name of his store and moved it to a new location.


H&T Correspondent

The shop has moved, but the quality assurance has stayed the same. At 101 West Jackson Blvd. in Jonesborough, you’ll now find the new home of Old Towne Lock and Key.

This shop, which has been in business for many years, offers services such as rekeying, assistance with car lockouts and refilling propane tanks. Owner David Sell’s extensive experience in the field can be seen through the products he provides.

“We’ve actually been doing it for about 15 years,” Sell said. “We do automotive locksmith work, commercial and residential.”

The business was originally linked with Sell’s hardware store. Because of heavy competition from big box hardware stores and the evolution of internet shopping, he decided to concentrate on what he saw was working; his locksmith business. Eventually this led to his decision to relocate.

David Sell is ready to answer any question about locks and keys.

“The internet and big box competition caused it to change quite a bit. The only thing we were seeing grow was the locksmith work,” Sell said. “About a year ago I decided to phase out the hardware side and try to do this more. We bought this building and migrated our locksmith business to this building.”

Initially Sell began his locksmith work as a way to generate extra income. As he started exploring the automotive and commercial side, he discovered there was a competitive market out there, but he potentially increase his sales.

“It was just a way to make a little extra money,” Sell said. “As time went on, I became more intrigued about other aspects of it. It went from a simple re-keying of a lock to actually doing high security automotive and high security commercial type things.”

Although Sell’s shop doesn’t get as many walk-in customers as he did at his old location, his specialty services and items being sold make up for the lower foot traffic.

“It’s still in the growing stages,” Sell said. “We don’t get as much traffic flow. The foot count is a lot lower here than it was up there, but the dollar amount per transaction is more.”

Now that he can concentrate solely on the locksmith side of things, Sell says his favorite part about the relocation is being able to do what he loves full-time.

“You learn something every day,” Sell said. “That’s the good part of it. You never know it all.”

With big changes happening right now, Sell hopes to eventually take his passion and business out of state with other locations.

“Down the road we might try to have another location,” Sell said. “We might try to expand to somewhere like Southwest Virginia or Western North Carolina.”

Despite his relocation, Sell has felt the support from his loyal patrons during this time of transition. 

“We’ve had a good following from our previous location,” Sell said. “I’ve still got the support from all our regular customers.”

As the shop continues to value high quality customer service and products, Sell believes Old Towne Lock and Key is sure to meet any lock related needs. 

“For anything lock and key related or security related, we’re the place to be,” Sell said.