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Local church to welcome teller for Sunday service

Rebecca Alexander will be at the Jackson Park Church of the Brethren on Sunday.


Storyteller Rebecca Alexander will be the special guest speaker at Jackson Park Church of the Brethren’s 11 a.m. service, this Sunday, Oct. 6.

The church is located at 100 Oak Grove Ave. in Jonesborough.

According to Jackson Park Pastor Jeremy Dykes, Alexander is the perfect way for the church to take part in Jonesborough’s National Storytelling Festival weekend.

“I would find it to be such a neat thing when the Baptist Church would host Donald Davis, or the methodists would have another storyteller at their worship on Sunday,” Dykes said. “This year, I decided to invite Rebecca Alexander to share during Jackson Park’s Sunday Service.”

Alexander has been delighting audiences of all ages with stories since 1994. Growing up in a Christian home on a dairy farm in East Tennessee has given her the background necessary to write and tell stories that will make audiences both laugh and cry. She has said that what she desires most is to share Jesus Christ through her stories.

Her personal stories, sacred stories, Biblical characterizations, and straight scripture tellings promise to capture the heart and lift the spirit.

Like Alexanders, Dykes’ love affair with storytelling is a long-standing one.

“It began in the early ‘80s when I would accompany my daddy to the little country store,” Dykes recalled. “Men would gather around an old pot-bellied stove and spin all kinds of yarn.”

Later, he would end up with a job at the country store, savoring even more tales.

And then, of course, there was the storytelling festival, itself.

“I remember being a youngster and going to the ghost stories up on the hill of East Main,” Dykes recalled. “This was during the festival. I recall being so attentive to Jackie Torrence and just when I leaned in, she would scream at the top of her lungs, scaring all that had gathered.”

Years later, Dykes decided to devote his life to “telling the story about the greatest storyteller that ever lived.”

Dykes said he has talked with Alexander and is excited about the message she will share.

“She has some amazing things on her heart that will come through as she tells the stories,” Dykes said. “If you don’t have a church home or you’re an out-of-town guest in for the festival, come worship with us and listen to Rebecca tell the story.”