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Local author shares his unusual journey


The Erwin Record

A one-of-a-kind book by a one-of-a-kind author hit bookshelves on Nov. 26.

Erwin resident Kenny Tedford has lived life through the eyes of a child trapped in a partially blind and deaf man’s body. Tedford, who recently sat down with The Erwin Record to discuss his upcoming book, was born with brain damage that left him with limited the intellectual ability, deafness in both ears, legal blindness in one eye and partial paralysis on his left side.

In his book, “Four Days with Kenny Tedford,” the author explains how these trials and tribulations have led him to become a fearless motivational speaker and storyteller today.

“I was teased as a child, but that just drove me further,” Tedford said.

According to Tedford, being stubborn helped him cope with his disadvantages.

“They said I would never pass the third grade, and here I am a college professor,” Tedford, who teaches storytelling at ETSU, said. “I’ve always been the type that you tell me I can’t do something, you just better watch out.”

Tedford acknowledged that school did not come easy to him.

“I remember in my first semester of school, I had professors that would lecture while writing on the board, which was troublesome for me as I read lips,” Tedford said. “I would come in and a professor would say time for your quiz, and since I could not read their lips the previous class, I was unprepared.”

Tedford’s story is on full display in “Four Days with Kenny Tedford.”

“Paul Smith, who is a best-selling author, heard me telling stories one night, and said the world needs to hear your stories; they are such great stories,” Tedford said.

“Four Days with Kenny Tedford,” goes into very personal details of Tedford’s life including surviving cancer, heart attacks, breaking his neck, family troubles, heartbreak and suicide attempts.

According to Tedford, God has a plan for him and that is why he is not deterred from the many obstacles he has faced.

“I’m here to tell my story to hopefully inspire others; the Lord has a plan and is in full control,” Tedford said. “If the Lord takes me home today, I will not be scared because I know there is a better place waiting for us.”

“Four Days with Kenny Tedford,” is available in paperback or e-book on Amazon. The official release date is Nov. 26, but you can preorder now.

“It is a great present for Christmas,” Tedford said.