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Kids Craft show will teach youngsters business skills


Youngsters will get the chance to show off their crafting skills at this year’s “I Made It Market” at Jonesborough Days.


The 48th annual Jonesborough Days will offer an event that will teach some special lessons to kids along with a chance to capitalize on their creativity and hard work.

The McKinney Center will provide a tent and the tables necessary for kids age 8 to 14 to sell their home-made crafts to festival patrons.

The event, “I Made It Market”, will take place at Discovery Park, behind the International Storytelling Center, on Saturday, June 30 from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Main Street Director Melinda Copp said, “We are excited to learn about some of the younger members of the community and what they make and teach them some entrepreneurial skills and see what they have to offer.”

Copp said the idea initially was picked up from other communities.

“(We’ve) been trying to figure out the right time to do it and the right way to do it. So we thought ‘This is a great opportunity’ and the McKinney Center is the one that’s really made the effort to kick it off.”

According to McKinney Center Director Theresa Hammons, “We do a lot of children’s art here, of course it’s what we do. Our mission is art education and so it seemed to be a good fit.

“We’ve put out a call for young makers ages 8 to 14 and we are flexible with those ages. We do have a couple of four and five-year olds that are participating. Right now, we have three to four signed up – with their parents, of course. We are looking for more.”

Hammons added that each young vendor will be required to have a guardian accompany them. Volunteers at the event will simply oversee the show. A large tent and tables will be provided, but the kids, along with their parent or guardian, will need to provide a description as well as the anticipated quantity of their product. Vendors will also be responsible for their setup, clean up and money handling.

“A parent needs to be there to oversee them and to do the money management. We won’t be doing that for them. They need to do all of that on their own,” Hammons said. “Our goal is to make well-rounded individuals and a part of that – in any profession – is to be able to understand supply and demand and how much does it cost to make your product and then how much do you need to sell it for to recover your expenses.”

So far some of the items that will be available include bath bombs, soap and small wooden signs. Items such as friendship bracelets, necklaces, slime, paintings or drawings and many other hand-crafted goods are encouraged. No food items will be allowed, however.

All earnings from the sale will go to the vendors.

While Hammons already has some volunteers for the event, she said that more volunteers would be helpful and that she could always use more volunteers. Background checks are required of all volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Skye McFarland, the Community Programs Specialist for the McKinney Center at 423-753-0562 or [email protected]

Any young entrepreneur interested in selling some of their home-made crafts should call the McKinney Center at 423-753-0562 or email [email protected].