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Jonesborough brings Harry Potter to life at downtown event

Staff Writer [email protected]

 Wizards and muggles gathered in downtown Jonesborough Saturday to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday and take part in some magical happenings.

Main Street was transformed into a Wizardly World on July 30, covered in wands, spells and runners all adding to the magical experience.

“This is our first time at this event,” said wizard Jessica Rogers. “My daughter had a Potter birthday not too long ago, so she is pretty psyched about this.”

Not only did the annual celebration have fire jugglers, face painting and train rides, but it also had a Sorcerer’s Sprint and costume contest, with attendees showing support for their favorite characters and Hogwarts house.

“I’ve always been a Slytherin,” said Hogwarts student Paul Collins, who was decked out in full Slytherin attire. “This is our first time at the event, and we are very excited to be here.”

Paul attended with his wife Jamie, who is in the Hufflepuff house — but that doesn’t seem to affect their marriage.

Not only was the event attended by wizards and muggles, but also mandrakes, magical creatures and a 6-foot chicken that was apparently town employee Mitchell Calvin.

“I brought my mandrake with me, but you have to make sure you wear the earmuffs when you pull him out of his pot,” said wizard Joy Drinnon. “He makes an awful scream.”

The event also included various Harry Potter-themed treats, such as chocolate covered pretzel wands, butterbeer and sorting house cupcakes, that sorted you into a house when you took a bite. But just for the night!

Don’t worry Gryffindors. You don’t become a Slytherin that easy.

“We didn’t make it to the event last year,” said Harry Potter imposter Megan Mora. “We are doing the Sorcerer’s Sprint.”

It seemed as though Mora had taken some Polyjuice potion before coming to the event, though she wouldn’t admit to it.

Jared and Christy Henderson spent their time at the event handing out pretzel wands and inviting people to meet the sorting hat sitting outside their tent.

“We really enjoy being here and meeting all the people that come through,” Jared said. “The pretzel wands are a big hit.”

From Platform 9 3⁄4 to Diagon Alley, attendees found themselves immersed in the world that is all things magical and Potter, and according to sources, they will be back next

year to see what other surprises the Wizardly World has to offer.