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DBHS students continue to build a growing passion for agriculture

Makayla Phipps (left) and her soil team prepare for the state contest as part of Daniel Boone High School’s FFA Club.



Guest Writers

Daniel Boone High School

Without agricultural education, there would be no food on our tables. The world revolves around the agriculture industry in order to supply its major cities, small cities, and even rural areas with food.

As William Jennings Bryan said “Burn down your cities and leave our farms and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.”

At Daniel Boone High School, students are developing a passion for agriculture in the classroom. They realize that educating the world in agriculture means a brighter future for mankind.

Students Abby Elrod and Makayla Phipps always wanted to pursue a career in agriculture. They knew from a young age that they possessed a passion for helping animals. However, through Future Farmer’s of America and experiencing agriculture in the classroom, both have decided to educate others about its importance. Phipps believes that it is her job to educate others about agriculture in order to inspire them in the same way that she has been. She already strives to educate younger students and encourage them to join FFA in hopes that they will develop the same feelings that she already possesses. Elrod grew up wanting to become a large animal vet; when she came to Daniel Boone, that drive to help animals only grew. However, she now wants to become an agriculture teacher. Her goal as a future agriculture teacher is to teach students about the importance of veterinary medicine for our farm animals.

Clayton Huff and Emma Lowe never imagined they would desire to be involved in agriculture. When they came to Daniel Boone, neither of them ever saw a future where they would want to become teachers. Huff graduated from Daniel Boone high school last year, and he is now working on his teaching degree. When he started high school, Clayton was a shy student that wanted to join the military. After taking agriculture classes and joining FFA, his life changed. During his high school career and through FFA, Clayton blossomed into an outgoing and excited student eager to serve people. He changed his plans for the future in hopes of enhancing others’ lives the way that his was. Emma Lowe started high school wanting to be a dermatologist. She never expected that FFA would make her change her mind. Lowe believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to be educated about agriculture. She plans to do missionary work; traveling to places where little is known about agriculture and spending her time trying to better their lives. FFA inspired her to pursue this idea because of the way that it makes her feel a part of the community  and it motivated her to teach others about what she has learned.

Daniel Boone agriculture instructors Leann Turner, Carley Lester, and Jason Dossett instruct students daily about topics in agriculture including animal science, environmental science, and leadership. They have instilled a sense of ownership in these students and they know that the future of agriculture is in the classrooms at our school.

“Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve” is the FFA motto. These four students are the embodiment of ‘Living to Serve’. They strive to serve others and provide everyone with a better life through agriculture education. Their time in FFA has improved their lives, and they seek to change the world by doing the same.