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Crockett student reflects on year’s highlights

Ronquille Joyner is a senior at David Crockett High School. (Photo Contributed)


David Crockett High School

Jonesborough is a community that my family and I have embodied and that I have been embraced by throughout my entire life. 

I remember my very first play at the Mckinney Center at Booker T. Washington High School before it was even renovated and essentially an abandoned building. I was only a simple charismatic, adventurous kid enjoying the realm of third grade. However, I can not thank God enough for placing me there, and allowing me to realize that me, my family, my friends and my community are much more than any description that involves the adjective “simple”. 

Now as I am reminiscing about the past, I must quickly snap back into the present day where I am a senior at David Crockett High School with a full head of steam on my way into the real world. 

And “not simple” and very “real” is exactly how I could sum up the Washington County Board of Education. As a student representative on the board, it has given me tremendous insight to the work that goes into making our school systems function. 

During the first meeting I served in, I learned about the workload of school nurses and their dedication to us students. I was also introduced to the meticulous budget that quite honestly reminded me of how much money goes into running our everyday lives. 

I served for the last time on the board this month; which was an honor with it being Black History Month. 

Prior to serving that night, I had the chance to speak on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the Mckinney Center about the history of black education in Jonesborough. I then reiterated it into my presentation that I presented to the board, which sparked some great conversations among myself and other board members that I’m grateful to have had. 

Among information with drastic context to the systems that run my everyday life, the board has given me a platform to not only inform myself, but inform other students. 

Recently I spoke to Dr. Flanary about a project for our schools that would keep them better in the loop with club, sport and student body activities that take place throughout the school year. With senior year coming to an end, I’m very excited to also be involved in new beginnings that being on board has granted me with. 

I appreciate the administrators at my school and on the board for trusting me as a representative for our school. This senior year has been a roller coaster of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. But the ride still isn’t over yet. 

I’ve fallen in love with the process it takes to be the person and in the position I strive to be. 

I recently heard this quote from a song my friend performed at a lip sync battle we have in our drama class that says, “The people I’ve met and the places I’ve been, are all what make me the man I so proudly am.” That quote has really been a testament to how God has guided me throughout this school year and truly though all of high school. 

Hopefully, I can end this school year with a few more bangs before starting my new journey at ETSU.