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Couple opens bargain-hunters ‘Treehouse’ to support ministry

Staff Writer [email protected]

A new business has found its home in Jonesborough, offering secondhand furniture and novelty items in the name of love.

Treehouse Thrift Shop operates under the umbrella of Zacchaeus Ministries, a ministry founded by owners of Treehouse, Daryl and Jan Summerford.

According to the Summer- fords, Zacchaeus Ministries provides compassionate, Gospel-centered, servant leader- ship, to men and their families suffering with substance dependence by focusing on spiritual regeneration through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

And that servant leadership is where the thrift shop comes in.

“We started bringing in the contents of Treehouse Thrift Shop in June and July of last year, and had our grand opening in October,” said Jan. “And we’ve just been building since then. This is our first location, and this is our passion. I am a thrifter at heart, and also have a board member that’s a thrifter and a reseller and we both had the thought at the same time that we needed a way to bring in a revenue stream, and this is the first thing the Lord laid on our heart.”

Based on the story in the Bible of Zacchaeus, the name “treehouse” came from Zacchaeus climbing in a tree to see Jesus, and thus where the Summerfords got their name for the thrift shop.

“Our understanding in the way the Lord has called us to work is out of faith,” Jan said. “And Zacchaeus had faith. We had that name for the minis- try before we ever moved to Johnson City from Florida, so it’s been a pretty wild journey to see how the Lord has brought it all together.”

The Summerfords are running the thrift store as their first line of revenue.

“We do accept monetary and item donations; just con- tact us for drop off times,” Jan said. “The majority of items are donated. I may in a year have spent $600 maybe. We try really hard to get things that people would like to have and we’ve got a lot of smalls. And we also try to keep furniture in here.”

“You wouldn’t believe how many times we are sitting with people on these couches talking about what the Lord is doing and what He can do for us.”

And that was the idea according to Jan — to have a comfortable spot for people to gather. It isn’t just a shop, she said. It’s a ministry.

The Treehouse Thrift Shop is open Tuesday through Friday from 1 to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

For more information on the thrift shop and Zacchaeus Ministries, visit https://zmre- sale-shop.