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Center to host ‘Conversations That Matter’


Get ready for some “Conversations.”

“Conversations that Matter” is a monthly on-line series from the McKinney Center. In each “Conversation” two local guests will explore their own culture and perspective, and talk to each other about what makes them unique, discover similarities, and explore differences. 

Guest speakers will also look at where their lives might intersect personally and in the community. 

The goal of each “Conversation that Matters” is for guests and participants to hear real stories, from real neighbors. This month’s conversation will take place via Zoom on Friday, Aug. 21,  at 7 p.m.

This second event in the series will feature Katelyn Yarbrough, the owner and innkeeper of the Historic Eureka Inn, McKinney Center Diversity & Inclusion committee member, and leader of the New Generation Freedom Fighters, and Breanna Williamson, a  Johnson City native, salon owner, and mother of two children.

As a viewer, the focus will be on a conversation from two community members who wish to share their own personal experiences in Northeast Tennessee. Those who attend will get to watch this conversation unfold with moderation from Katelyn Yarbrough and Michelle Treece. 

This monthly series is inspired by the Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee at the McKinney Center and the desire to highlight the experiences of all voices in Washington County, Tennessee. By showcasing these conversations, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee hopes to open doors to new ideas and perspectives among neighbors. Questions include such examples as, “What was your experience in grade school and how did that make you feel?” or, “Have you experienced exclusion or racism?” 

The McKinney Center staff believes there is value in uplifting these stories so that each may learn from one another. Register for the conversation by visiting