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Boones Creek School announces open enrollment for 2019

After breaking ground on the new Boones Creek School in 2017, the school will now offer open enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.


Staff Writer

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Just a few months out from its official opening, the new Boones Creek School has opened student enrollment.

The Washington County Board of Education unanimously voted to open student enrollment at its Thursday, April 11 meeting. In January, the board voted to close enrollment once a school reaches 90 percent of the building’s capacity and added the Boones Creek School to that list in order to get an idea of how many students would be zoned for the school following the rezoning in the northern half of the county in November of 2018.

At the Thursday, April 11 meeting, Washington County Director of Schools Bill Flanary said the school currently expects 700 students. Ninety percent capacity at the new Boones Creek School would be 1,100 students, Flanary said.

“We have a pretty good idea of what the enrollment is going to be at the new school,” Flanary told the board. “It will be about what we expected it to be. Kindergarten is still a moving target, but if it comes in like it has, we look for the enrollment to be about 700. That doesn’t include pre-K.”

In the meantime, the district is now looking to add students from the Boones Creek School waiting list to the school’s enrollment.

“I know we do have a waiting list inside the county and inside of Johnson City also,” Flanary said. “It’s time to start letting those families know their children are going to go to school there.”

Any student outside of the district wanting to attend the new school will have to complete a contract agreeing to provide transportation and arrive to school in a timely manner. That contract is required for any student applying to enroll at a Washington County school outside his or her school zone.

“If anyone is coming from Johnson City, they’ll be providing their own transportation,” Board member Philip McLain explained. “They will have to go through the contract process. But to lift this off of the Boones Creek School simply means they can come from outside the district to that school by signing a contract and providing transportation. It’s just opening up the door.”

Flanary said a ribbon cutting for the school will be set for either May or June. In the meantime, the district is waiting on its completion to set an involvement night for the school’s families.

“We’re kind of waiting on BurWil Construction to say, ‘Here’s your building’ to nail that down,” Flanary said.

Meanwhile, the director of schools also announced the appraisal figure for the Boones Creek Middle School building located on North Roan Street.

Flanary said the appraisal came in at $1,770,000 million. That school, along with the Boones Creek Elementary School, will no longer be in use by the school system with the opening of the new Boones Creek School.