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Boones Creek Elementary class publishes book

Boones Creek Elementary student Rylee Nelms presents her work to the class with teacher Jennifer Johnson’s help.


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Jennifer Johnson’s second grade class at Boones Creek Elementary is made up of students who have a knack for writing — and now, they’re officially published authors.

The class’s book, “The Faces of our Nation” was presented by the students last week during a book launch celebration where each writer read their work for there classmates and guests.

Though Johnson had heard of similar projects done with other classes, she knew this class in particular would excel with the book project.

“This group of kids really took to writing for the most part,” Johnson said. “My daughter is a writer herself and when she recently got published, she was really excited. Because of that, I wanted to kind of build that excitement within my classroom as well. And I think this project really drives their desire to do even more and even better.”

Each student chose a historical figure who either helped form the United States or helped to bring about change throughout the course of history. From there, the students researched their chosen figure, drew a portrait of that person and wrote a summary — in their own handwriting — describing that person’s influence on American history.

The book was then put together by student publishing company Studentreasures, who then mailed the final product back to the school.

Each student was also able to purchase a copy of the class’s book to take home.

“I’ve already gotten positive feedback. I’ve had parents tell me already that they’re glad we did this,” Johnson said, “because it’s definitely a keepsake for them.”

But the students and their families aren’t the only ones who can take a look at the book; “Faces of our Nation” is now a part of the library’s collection at Boones Creek Elementary School where students can check out the book, read through the student work and learn a bit about the “Faces of our Nation.”

“(The students) have checked out other children’s books they have made in the library and I think they’re going to be excited to know that other kids now can check out their work,” Johnson said.

“I honestly think that the first week of school when students start checking out books, that book will get checked out by one of my students so they can show next year’s class and tell them, ‘Look what I did.’”