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Boone student takes on challenges outside of sports

Student board member Laken Jones’s volleyball team at Daniel Boone High School made it to the state tournament this school year. (Photos by Tom Pardue)


Daniel Boone High School

My name is Laken Jones and I am a senior at Daniel Boone High School. I am proud to say that I had the opportunity to go to the state tournament this year in volleyball. I am a student school board member for Washington County, and I am also a member or leader in several other clubs at my school. 

Joneshas adopted the mindset of taking on challenges in every aspect of life — on the volleyball court and in the classroom.

I am very grateful to be so involved with my school, as there are so many different attributes I can gain from each thing I am a part of. Outside of all of the clubs, though, I am and have been enrolled in several advanced and AP classes all four years. The most impactful of those classes being my mathematical classes, as I will be attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and majoring in Civil Engineering. 

The AP Calculus teacher, Mr. Dishner, at Boone was teacher of the year in 2017 and has a 100% pass rate on the AP Calculus test. This is my third year taking his classes, having six in total. Along with extremely excelling my math skills, he has taught me many things in life that I will take with me to college. Math has always been more challenging for me than any other subject, this is why I chose to have a career in math. I like to be challenged every day, but math can be really challenging sometimes. Mr. Dishner has taught me that no matter how hard the struggle can get to always “struggle productively”. That little phrase simply means to never give up and take the struggle as an opportunity to learn more. He also stresses how important it is to have a positive attitude. I will certainly be taking each math skill Mr. Dishner has taught me to college, but I will also most definitely be taking the reminder and attitude he has taught me to be successful in life. 

I am very grateful for every teacher I have had in my life and the things they taught me in the subject of life as well as their subject of expertise, Mr. Dishner is just an example of one of those great teachers. Not everyone has the chance to take Mr. Dishner’s classes, and a lot of people are afraid of the challenge. I encourage students everywhere to not be afraid of any challenges they may encounter. I also encourage more students to appreciate the little things that their teachers do to impact their life for their futures.  Because I have done so in high school, I believe I am ready to take on a challenging major in a much bigger playing field in Knoxville. Stay positive!