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BMA presents student with special service award

Staff Writer [email protected]

Jonesborough Elementary School student Emma Malone is making a difference in Jonesborough in a doggone big way.

According to Mayor Chuck Vest, who presented nine-year-old Emma with an award for her service, three years ago Malone began participating in pageants and made the deci- sion to choose Jonesborough Paws in Blue as a charity to support.

“Emma has donated part of her allowance since then,” Vest said. “Right before the Garden Gala, Emma spent a full day picking lavender, bunching it and wrapping it. She then sat on the sidewalk outside her grandfather’s door and sold it during the gala. She was able to raise $275 and chose to donate it to the Paws in Blue.”

Vest added that with her selfless act of kindness, she has continued to support Paws in Blue’s mission to assure the canine officer dogs of Jonesborough have the meals and vet care that they need.

“Local non-profits such as Paws in Blue would not be able to fulfill its mission without the generosity of volunteers such as Emma,” Vest said. “That is why we are present- ing her with the VIP Paws in Blue Plaque.”

Emma’s mom, Carla Bowers, said she is so proud of Emma’s selfless act.

“We always try to teach the kids to give back to their community because that’s how the community grows and becomes better,” she said. “When she started the pageants, I told her that she needed to pick a charity, and she chose Paws in Blue.”

Having five dogs of her own, Malone loves dogs and she said that was the main reason she chose Paws in Blue, but there was more to it beyond that.

“Second of all, I think that everyone should support the police department because they keep us safe,” Emma said. “They go around and check doors (in the town) to make sure they are locked so no one goes in there and steals anything.”

Bowers said that when she asked what she was going to donate to, Emma didn’t hesitate to say Paws in Blue.

“When she collected all the money for selling the lavender, I asked her what she was going to do with it – she said she was going to donate it,” Bowers explained. “I was like ‘What? Do you realize how many toys you could buy with this money?’ And she said that she was giving it all away.”

Paws in Blue organizer Ruth Verhegge added that what Emma is doing is amazing.

“It’s thrilling. That’s why I wanted to recognize her,” she said. “I am hoping to may be encourage other kids to start giving back like they’re being taught to do.”