Op-EdRemember nature’s eternal beauty

It was a sunny fall day, Sept. 25, 16 years ago, when some 100 people gathered on the Summit of Round Bald on Roan Mountain. They had come to remember John Muir’s visit there, a century before.

A Scottish-born American naturalist of great fame, Muir had been instrumental in swaying public and congressional opinion toward creation of the Yosemite and Sequoia national parks and the first forest reserves under President Grover Cleveland.

He had founded the Sierra Club environmental organization (1892) to help citizens “explore, enjoy and protect” the Sierra scenic and other wild natural areas. As a guide and camping companion to Theodore Roosevelt, he would later influence that president’s conservation initiative, in forest preservation for public recreation and sustainable timber use, wildlife refuges and many wilderness areas, and in scenic lands protection for future American’s enjoyment and national heritage. More...

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• Remember nature’s eternal beauty

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